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Fall Style

To help during the busier seasons Maplewood hires student interns to assist with different parts of the boutique within the student’s interest. The summer interns for 2021 are college students Maya Highsmith, Lauren Lieser, and Mckenzie Uhrig. Highsmith, a student at Kent State University (KSU), oversaw the merchandising and pricing for Maplewood. Lieser, another KSU student oversees the social media accounts, photo styling and thrifting for the Pre-Owned rack. While University of Akron student, McKenzie Uhrig, manages the fashion blog, email campaigns, and updates the store’s website.

From Left to Right: (Lauren Lieser, Mckenzie Uhrig, Maya Highsmith)


For a special three-part series on the blog, the interns have curated their own Fall 2021 Style Guide using some of their favorite pieces from Maplewood to showcase their own personal styles. Maya Highsmith, a third-year student at KSU double majoring in Art History and Fashion Merchandising, is the first intern to be featured. Highsmith who is slated to graduate in 2023 is already scheduled to participate in two internships this upcoming fall semester while still enrolled full-time at KSU. 
Highsmith stated that Maplewood [Kristin & Liz] taught her the value of understanding consumer’s needs and wants concerning your business’s products or services. She said,
“Getting to talk individually with numerous different people throughout the summer all over Northeastern Ohio was really fun! It made me realize how important it is for me to really see the personal connections between people and the apparel they wear to the places they shop.”
As the main intern for the merchandising responsibilities Highsmith particularly learned the emphasis fashion places on buyer behavior. 
When deciding what Maplewood pieces to feature for her Fall Style Guide, Highsmith styled some personal favorites. For the upcoming fall season, Highsmith styled a grey bodycon maxi dress from the thrift rack with a cropped denim jacket and black hat for a chic look perfect for the cooler weather. 
“I chose this thrifted bodycon dress paired with a denim jacket for a fun and sleek fall outfit! Fall fashion for me is about finding the balance between hot and cold, and this outfit is a good option for all potential weather! I love how confident the fitted dress makes me feel, and how the denim adds a fun layer of color and texture to the silhouette! I also love how the dress is thrifted since sustainability is very important to me. This fall, I'd recommend styling older or preloved dresses with a cute jacket! I personally love a patterned dress with a more simplistic jacket.” 
Maya Highsmiththrifted grey body con dress, cropped denim jacket, black hat
thrifted grey body con dress, cropped denim jacket, black hat

Highsmith's styling provides a versatile outfit that can easily be adapted to different styles and personalities. The lightweight maxi dress can be styled in multiple ways and paired with different outerwear for unique looks in the cooler weather.  

“My favorite item is definitely the bodycon maxi dress from the thrift rack. Not only is it flattering, but it makes me feel fun and confident!”

In next weeks post Maplewood intern Lauren Lieser pairs a sweater (one of the new fall arrivals) with some uniquely colored thrifted jeans for vibrant look. 



     McKenzie Uhrig By Mckenzie Uhrig

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