Keep Fashionably Cool This Summer With Maplewood

Heat Wave Summer

With the Summer season heating up keeping cool while still staying fashionable becomes an everyday problem for people everywhere. Maplewood has curated their current products with the Summer heat in mind solving this problem for you. In this hot and sticky weather, we are experiencing, loose flowing fabrics make for the best defense against getting overheated while still giving off a chic silhouette. Maplewood has many pieces that allow for movement and space in their collection, below are a few examples.
This summer Maplewood is favoring lighter, airy fabrics that allow for more breathability while still managing to flatter every body type. The combination of the loose silhouettes with the lighter fabrics allows for the wearer to stay cool in the warmer weather. While the fabric choices are more functional the pattern and color choices ensure all pieces would be a statement piece in any person’s wardrobe.
Maplewood’s Summer collection also features new accessories for summer including hats, bags, and wallets in bold colors and designs. The wide-brimmed woven hat has been a popular buy this summer because of its versatility; it comes in three different colors to match any outfit and can be dressed up or dressed down. Hats themselves are a popular accessory this summer because of their ability to protect the wearer from the sun while still being a cute edition to any outfit.
    By  Mckenzie Uhrig

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